Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swarovski Stilettos - Part 4

If I am stoning the whole shoe,I start next on the toe after I have done the heel.

To get a straight line of stones to start with I put two pins parallel, in the middle at the top and bottom of the seam edge of the shoe and then tie a piece of cotton around them, so I get two parallel lines as a guide to start sticking the stones in-between.

I don’t tend to use tape as it can either take off the paint on the shoe or leave a residue.

I find cotton thread easier to use as a guide but a masking tape or electrical tape can be used, just best to test first.

I stick a stone at the top first and work my way down to the toe and then do the other shoe.

From there I work from the top of the toe outward each side of the first parallel line, going around each shoe.

Glueing lines of stones on one shoe then the other in turns, gives time for the glue to dry in each line.

When you then get to do the next line it is dry and wont slide out of place and go wonky when pushing the next line of stones in place next to it.

All you need do is finish of the edges with the smaller stones to fill the gaps.

Leave to dry and lightly buff to bring out the shine when you have finished.
*I havent finished this pair yet as the shop had run out of stones and being a blinking bank holiday weekend. I will have to wait a week for them so I can finish.

Also this "How To" is listed On Instructables, one of my fave sites HERE

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