Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a Ladybird!

Oooh did you know? Vivien of Holloway
the British made 50’s inspired dress shop are having a poster / free photo shoot competition!

How fab is that,they are opening a new shop soon and looking for new models.
Send in pics of you in their dresses to enter so they say on their site.

Got nudged by a friend to enter the photos I did for her at 21:CP as it was shot in one of their dresses, although the halter strap had been tucked in for those photos, so not truly what they wanted.

That to me screamed of a good excuse to do a new weekend shoot. Yay!

So grabbing a friend to give her a good excuse to so she could try out her new camera.

Luckily she has two dresses by them, so I got to shoot in the red and white one I already have, her black and red spot halter swing dress and a red and gold sarong dress.

I wasn’t holding out much hope quite frankly, as I had the bright idea to shoot outside, fingers crossed the light would be better, but the weather was so windy and kept blowing the background paper so it nearly took flight. So after re setting indoors, we set to work with a cheesy radio station for back ground sound.

Two loose teeth (temp cap and veneer, one hers, one of mine ironically within an hour of each other then dropped out for no reason at all) and after moving white boards around the shoot area to catch light and a pile falling on my photographer (resulting in bruising the poor woman’s leg) It wasn’t so much ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ was more like ‘Bruising, Swelling and Lost Teeth’ to get the job done. What us lady’s do in the name of glamour!

Three sets later, a Polka Dot set, a Ladybird set and a Shanghai Siren and I have too many to choose from (put some faves below,dont I look 50s or what!).

All was going very well, cheesy grins and all. Looked very professional by the time we finished well in to the night, sent them off and fingers crossed they like them at least, even if I don’t win.

True is a bit ‘arse about tit’ to do a photo shoot to win a photo shoot, but hey, I have never been on a poster before and I would get to keep a dress, how fun would that be!
So girls get your skates or should that be sarongs on and send in your pics in too.

The entry date is open till the 31st August!

Hope you have as much fun as we did, Verity x

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