Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swarovski Stilettos - Part 1

Why I think I need yet another pair of shoes goodness knows, actually after my gold dress pair pinching me at a show last week and not being able (for love, money or 27 shoe shops later) to find a suitable gold toned replacement that go with some of my favourite dresses.

I decided I needed a glam rhinestone pair.
So for my sins, finding a suitable sturdy plain pair that fit well and are comfortable, I decided to cover them in Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones to add a bit of glam.

I have done a pair before in the past, but only the heels and the toes ,which turned out really well but found that the toe crease tends to pop them off.

So this time went for a shoe that gave me a little bit of toe cleavage instead and hoping, fingers crossed, I wont have to carry around a little packet with extra rhinestones and glue to stick on errant ones that pop off.

As a friend was asking how it was done awhile back, thought I would blog it for her here.

Start off with a plain pair of firm shoes, leather based best but a firm pair of fabric shoes can work too or strappy sandals work well if your only doing the heel.

Takes around 300 x4.5mm stones to do two heels and 100 x 3mm + 100 x 2.8mm to finish them off. Time wise can take anything from 2-6hour depending on the pair of heels and size of stones,JUST to do the heel.
Too small a stone and you will be there all night.zzzzzz

For shoes as they would be to faffy to do with hot fix,I glue them on by hand and it's also cheaper than hot fix stones.

Stoning a high heel- roughly for a size 4:
Flat back stones*: 1500x4.5mm +250 x 3mm +100 x 2.8mm for one shoe

*Non hot fix Swarovski Crystals (colour LT Colo Topaz)used here from theCreative Bead CraftShop in Beak street London,UK.

Or I order on line from Crystal BeadsThey are cheaper,have a better colour and size range.But there are many other places on line that sell them too.

Glue:You need a glue that dries clear and wont melt the stones if your using plastic ones rather than glass. I use Appli Glue it is water based perminant washable glue that the bead shop sells, but I might use a stronger glue on the stones that get the most wear on the shoe if I need to, eg toe and inside shoe faces that can rub against each other but its far more tricksy to use. There is also Gem Tack but as yet I havent had the chance to use any so not sure how it fairs on shoes.

Cocktail sticks:Can chop the ends off for a blunt tool.

White tack:For the ends of the cocktail sticks.

Pins:Thin long dress making pins will do nicely.

Cotton thread: to help as a guide line.

For spraying: Hobby can of spray paint/Duct or Gaffa tape/Box to spray in or newspaper/Tinfoil/Mask

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