Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Pin up shoot- For 21st Century Pinups!

Pic from 21st Century

It took ages and when I say ages, I mean at least 12 hours of pouting, lashes, feathers and hot lights with 5 crates of outfits and not forgetting the shoes, and all this for a few promotional photos for postcard fliers for the online Magazine 21st Century Pin-Ups.Net it is a global e-zine for us gals, for all things in the Burlesque and Pin up world.

Not that I haven’t done shoots for people in the past that have taken just as long, but this one was tiring. Well worth the effort of everyone though and a big "Thank You" out to Vanessa Reece who did makeup and direction.

I love the way they came out (Have cheekly used the pin-up one for my blog photo as I like it so much, even managed to turn it green)

Holli-mae the Editor wanted a retro pin up look for her site/brand and after alot of dressing up and down, we finally got there, alot of red bull later and finishing at 2am !
The final winner for the Pin-up side of the post card flier, that worked was the red and white poka dot halter dress (after tucking in the halter)
I got it from Vivian’s of Holloway in Camden.
A very strange shop indeed(although wisper in the wind they are moveing), poked away along under some railway arches, on a mezzanine over a motor bike repair shop.How fab dresses and bikes to purve at!

All the dresses on the rails are bagged up ready to go out as it is mainly a whole sale business but you can go try things on in a curtained off communal back storage area.
At least there was a big mirror and the ladies there are really nice and helpful.
Unfortunately I couldn’t spend much time in there, parking meter and all that. So in the end didn’t stay and try on much more than I needed.Wich was a shame as I could have rail riffled for ages.

I was looking for a skirt too, even though they do tops, they don’t seem to do just skirts which you could mix and match, which is a shame other wise I probably have bought one or two for the summer.
 The Burly side of 21st Century PinUps.Net
The Final shot used for the Burlesque image on the reverse of the post card flier, was a net dress I had sewn on glass crystals that had come from a beaded curtain, to cover risky areas.

It has been lurking in my wardrobe for years and never really gets worn, as so many of the crystals have fallen off it now, that its far too risky to wear out without being arrested I am sure!

A Diamante tiara turned upside down to use as a choker and a Mask I bought in Venice used just for its feather headdress, put on back to front. A bit of powder, a glove and a necklace in my wig and all was set!

Think it turned out fairly well considering it was all black on a black background too!

All in all turned out well though despite all the misshaps (burned my arm on a hot light Ouch!)21:CP Pen

21:CP got the shots they needed for fliers and other little things like pens, which they use the laughing pin up shot/graphic,the one at the end we did just for a laugh.

It turned out so good that the pens are much sort after, so I hear. They are faily cute I must admit, will have to nick a few myself!

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