Monday, September 14, 2009

Nyotaimori - Me as a modern Person Platter

Yes its normally quite fishy.

It’s that strange Japanese practice of covering naked people in sushi and eating it off them and the word no one can pronounce.

A friend was asking me so a furked out a few pics of events I have done in the past with a modern twist just to show her what I meant. Saying I lie naked covered in desserts had, for some reason, materialize up a mind pic of ‘a naked custard pie fight’ so she said. (Not that that wouldn’t be fun, but not really a girl to do splosh).I don’t person platter very often, as even though its only an hour at most lying still (I know, a job where you are paid to do nothing! everyone thinks it sounds wonderful ) Normally its an evening event and it can take all day to prepare, for hygiene sake its not like you can take a quick shower and be done. That and paper pants and the normally cold food, or in the case of the fruit platter I did ‘bloody frozen’ as the chef had only half thawed the fruit out like he normally did for a normal party spread (frozen Raspberry nipple anyone?)
Its not as glamorous or as well paid as it seems when you count in the time and effort needed, but hay, that’s like most things right?
Trying not to move or shiver so the food doesn’t roll off is the hardest thing for me, or trying not to laugh when people say the silliest things when choosing a canapé off me to the same effect.
I tend to only do main party events hired through people/chefs I know and can trust, because there is no way I want to turn up to an event after spending all that time getting ready, only to find out there is a bucks party underway, who have gone and gotten the wrong impression and my time has been wasted when I turn and leave.

Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet and all party goers, weirdly enough have been really respectful even when tippsy.

So if your ever at a party or back stage at some weird and wonderful event,where the food is displayed on a naked lady, chances are it might be me. (If shes trying not to shiver,very likely me)

Ps.Please don’t try to feed me the canapés, I tend to end up choking.Thanks, Verity x

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