Monday, June 15, 2009

Photo Safari-Game for a laugh?

Verity Vale pool side-By Topher 2009 Exploring we did go, all the way to down town Las Vegas on the Java’s Bachelor Pad Magazine sponsored Photo Safari. Marvolusly managed by Don Spiro I must add.

An ogling oasis of ladies and gents of all different persuasions hunting for that elusive shot. Alot of feather flashing later, poseing under the downtown Las Vegas sign and much tottering about, that had bought amused traffic and even a limo to stop on the curb for a good perve.It was then time to be whisked off on the Big Red London Double Decker bus (of which I felt very much at home being a Brit) off on a hunt for the next location The Aruba Hotel

Ever seen twenty or so women try to change in to bathing suits and bikinis, on a bus in motion before? Let’s just say it was eye popping and one of the funniest days I have had in a long time.

The Aruba former rat pack hang out the that was called the Thunderbird has kept its classic look, it even had a tiki bar at the pool how fab was that and after a scramble off the bus in search of more game and a watering hole we had reached our final destination.

It was defiantly worth the effort of running around London before I left, to try and find retro swim wear, as I was in good company of the many lady’s that had made a really good effort of Verity Vale The Look-By Topherlooking the part, I had swimsuit envy of quite a few. I found this black original 1950's one in Radio Days the Vintage shop in London.

Before we knew it was time to get back on the big red bus to The Orleans Casino Hotel where most of us were staying, it hardly gave a girl time to get dressed.

A big thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome, girls and togs alike. I think next year they might need a bigger bus!

And a big thank you to the photographer Christopher Pettit who took these black swim suits shots of me above, how you got my ivory pasty self to look glam I really do not know.

And a thank you to Holli-Mae from 21:CP for the green retro polka dot shots . I am sure there are more to come and be posted on the net from the togs I met in Las Vegas, but after such a week I am sure they have tonnes to sort through and sleep to catch before they do.
Thank you one and all x

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